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Economy of India: Biggest flaw in building Indian Infrastructure.

As an Indian, I always observed that the roads in Hyderabad are laid every once in 2 years. As soon as the roads are laid, the roads are dug for water/sewage pipe works. I see a lack of coordination among Government Departments and Testing the Water/Sewage pipes before finishing the road layouts. The different Government Departments should coordinate and test the remaining adjacent infrastructure before proceeding further leading to Quality Infrastructure in India with longer durability thus saving material and time. The government must educate Infrastructure Builders to test for Compliance with Quality. Don't worry, there is Good news here: Hyderabad City roads will be Privatized, GHMC will Not be involved anymore.

DNAQL, DNA Query Language: How GOD heals?

Today, I was recollecting Indian mythological stories where saints used to cure many diseases of their devotees with their mere touch. I was wondering how this was possible. It is possible if one can perform modifications on DNA of the diseased being. So, how do we modify DNA? Simple. DNAQL (DNA Query Language), just like SQL. I feel it is the Almighty God who gives healing powers to such saints whose touch heals diseased.

How can one travel back in time? My thoughts on time travel.

When we have mass, we travel in space-time and feel one can only go from present to future, but not from present to past. If we have no mass and stop traveling in space, then we can go from present to past in time, just like our minds. RNA/ Soul has no mass making it feasible to travel back and forth in time. That is why our ancestors said 'Soul is beyond space and time'. Information is beyond space and time, for it has no mass. That is how the Bible came into existence even before the birth of Jesus Christ. It is the mass and matter which keeps one in the illusion of space and time. That is why Hindus claim 'Universe/Jagat is Maya'. Let me hold the Intellectual Property Rights on this so that I do justice to everyone. Interesting read:

Everybody will be wired with Brain Computer Interface technology.

A brain-computer interface ( BCI ), sometimes called a mind-machine interface ( MMI ), direct neural interface ( DNI ), or brain-machine interface ( BMI ), is a direct communication pathway between an enhanced or wired brain and an external device. BCI allows to read the thoughts/ state of a brain and get them processed by a connected computing device as needed/ programmed. With the native having a BCI chip in his/ her body s/he can be kept informed of everything that is relevant to the native by collecting information from A Network of supercomputers based on the thoughts of the native. With such a chip, we won't be needing our current personal computing devices like desktop, laptop, mobile, smartwatch, Google Glasses, etc. The BCI chip I mentioned above can bring All Humans with it onto one platform and even cut down the negative thoughts of Everybody thus creating a Safer World for All of Us. I believe this is how we, Humans, should be Wired to live on an equal platform for All
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