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Future: Download mobile and print it!

Yes, you read it right! In the future, you won't be shopping electronics from neither a physical store nor an online store but directly download the 3D specification of the electronics from a designer and simply print it at your home with a 3D printer. Most of the times your old cellphone can be recycled into a new cellphone with this technology. Maybe we can even print a 3D printer from a 3D specification using another 3D printer. We can download the 3D recipe from a DTH channel broadcast of a chef program and simply relish the taste of the dish after our 3D printer, connected to the DTH set-top box, prints our dish! Not just organs even dead people can be regenerated and not just reincarnated! Manufacture Anything Anywhere!

Om Namo Ganesha!

Praying to Lord Ganesha to bless me and my blog.
Fallov “gani The Big Game Hunter