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Fighting COVID-19: Prepare for the worst!

Battle against COVID-19 will not end until a vaccine to stop it comes into the market. Lockdown cannot be extended further for the sake of daily wage workers and the GDP of a Nation. Every Nation will be registering negative growth in the economy due to the lockdown. What do we do now? I will be answering it here. Prevention of COVID-19 is not easy, so preparing for the worst like incase one is affected by COVID-19 then we should do the following activities. As soon as one suspects symptoms of dry cough or fever or breathing trouble then must consult a nearby hospital and save themselves as per the advice of the doctors. This idea of preparing for the worst will save many people and also will lift lockdown completely. I suggest you all stop being reckless or careless in taking Government's rules and regulations during this pandemic. #IndiaFightsCorona COVID-19

Cheap and Best Alternative to Petrol/Diesel.

Today I am going to share an idea which is environment and pocket friendly for all of us. Check  Clever New Device Can Produce Hydrogen Fuel Using Water And Sunlight . I wish big players like Ola and Uber adopt this idea and save our Planet from climate change by avoiding pollution caused by Petrol/Diesel. I request the Governments of All Nations consider this idea if viable and feasible, Let us stop working on Electric Vehicles which take more than 1 hour to get charged completely, a major disadvantage of EVs. See  RUN YOUR INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE WITH OUR HYDROGEN ENGINE SOLUTIONS .
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