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Everybody will be wired with Brain Computer Interface technology.

A brain-computer interface ( BCI ), sometimes called a mind-machine interface ( MMI ), direct neural interface ( DNI ), or brain-machine interface ( BMI ), is a direct communication pathway between an enhanced or wired brain and an external device. BCI allows to read the thoughts/ state of a brain and get them processed by a connected computing device as needed/ programmed. With the native having a BCI chip in his/ her body s/he can be kept informed of everything that is relevant to the native by collecting information from A Network of supercomputers based on the thoughts of the native. With such a chip, we won't be needing our current personal computing devices like desktop, laptop, mobile, smartwatch, Google Glasses, etc. The BCI chip I mentioned above can bring All Humans with it onto one platform and even cut down the negative thoughts of Everybody thus creating a Safer World for All of Us. I believe this is how we, Humans, should be Wired to live on an equal platform for All
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