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How the US can uplift poor countries?

Simple. A weak dollar can improve the purchasing power of citizens in impoverished Nations. USD will weaken only when The United States of America wants so. A weak dollar will start the economy of the USA to grow due to rising exports from them. Why can't a Developed Nation continue to be 'Developing'? The current generation of Americans should not rest on the laurels of their earlier generations. Let America grow further by developing poor economies in the world. They should start this mission with Iraq & Syria. The USA is the Nation that spends more money on the military than any other Nation. If they can divert that money on diplomatic relations, then nobody can beat the USA and They will be Great Again. Russia and the USA must not be treated as rival Nations. They must unite in making Our Planet Earth into Heaven with their technologies and without killing anybody. Why should Russia and America confine their cooperation to space exploration? There are still many Hum

3 Tips for making education accessible to All.

Nowadays, philanthropists and social activists worry about the gap between The Richest and The Poorest. Many intellectuals say that only education can improve the lives of down-trodden while reducing the gap between rich and poor. I put my thoughts here on how education can be made accessible to All which will lead to the multi-fold rise in the Global GDP. The government must ensure private schools allocate 50% free seats in all classes with a set of regulations for the eligibility of a free seat in their institution. The financial status of every student must be kept confidential from the staff and their peers to avoid discrimination. Private schools that don't follow this rule must be penalized. The exponential rise in competition among students is ultimately beneficial for our society. Poor students must be reimbursed by the Government for the purchase of their school needs. Public schools can be closed in areas, where private schools are better than them, for saving costs to ru

Future of Banking: Bank at your finger tips.

Way banks would function while embracing new technologies: No physical branches. Every banking need can be fulfilled with Internet Banking/ Mobile Banking. No ATM Network. Only digital currency and cashless transactions. No Public interfacing Staff like branch staff and Call Center staff. Only the IT Department and minimal Support staff for managing/ handling the requirements of the Bank's Customers. Automation of handling every need of the Customer. Even loans can be sanctioned online by verification of the borrower details with the Bank's IT systems interacting with the Government's public databases (for example Social Security Number in US/ Aadhaar in India). No more black money, for all the transactions are recorded without Human intervention. Only one bank account associated with every business entity or individual to ease the life of the Income Tax Department, which itself could be automated to a greater extent. Yes, we don't need banks anymore when everything is
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