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Transforming Power Generation. Off-Grid Power Generators.

Respected Shri Narendra Modi Ji, Greetings for the day!! There are plenty of positive changes in India after your winning in Parliament Elections of 2014. This has raised hopes for Every Indian. We see you are crowdsourcing ideas from several enthusiastic well-wishers of India at for making India better. Coming to the point, I see 20% of the population in India doesn't have the power supply even today. [See Data from World Bank .] Building grid and power plants to supply electricity to those villages would require plenty of investments while causing damage to our Environment and other maintenance costs leading to a high Total Cost of Ownership. The day we allow private firms like Reliance Power and Bloom Energy to supply renewable energy power generators to our villages, we will be able to reach 100% power sufficiency and self-reliance in India much faster. We save not only power grid building costs, but also power plant setup costs, maintenance costs of both grid and po

Time is not a constant, but relatively variable.

If you are sitting on a couch at home, then you are not moving i.e. having zero velocity relative to your home and Earth, but you are revolving around Sun relative to Sun. If you are going on a bike, then you have zero velocity relative to your bike because you are going on the bike, but you possess some velocity relative to Earth. The geosynchronous satellite which is always at the same location of Earth's atmosphere is relatively having zero velocity relative to Earth, but it rotates along with Earth and revolves around Sun relative to Sun. See, there is a difference in how Speed of an object is relative. We know Speed = Distance Travelled ÷ Time . See Speed is relative. Distance traveled is relatively constant. Looking at the equation, Speed [relative] = Relatively traveled Distance ÷ Time , we derive Time = Relatively traveled Distance ÷ Speed [relative] . From the last equation, we see Time is the outcome of Relatively traveled Distance and Speed, which is relative. That is

Reuse intellectual property. Avoid rework.

"Don't reinvent the wheel, just realign it." Anthony J. D'Angelo "The standard library saves programmers from having to reinvent the wheel." Bjarne Stroustrup Start reusing your software assets by transforming them using tools rather than rewriting them using humans. If you still want to do this for saving tax, then I suggest doing charity which is good for All of us.

My wish: Uniting Russia and The US. Global Peace. Global Village.

I feel this is the right time for the US and Russia to join hands in making this world a beautiful and great place to live for Everybody on Earth. I agree this is a big task, but not impossible because every nation has a voice in the United Nations. I wish both Russia and The US stop every nation including themselves in spending on the military. I love the way the US and Canada cooperate. I wish the same kind of cooperation between India-Pakistan, Israel-Palestine, South Korea-North Korea, Middle East Nations, China-Japan, and Russia-Ukraine. Can't we resolve our issues by talking openly with each other for hours/days/weeks while enjoying great food and drinks rather than fighting uselessly against each other for years? Think if one opens a door of compromise, then every nation will be friendly towards them. I thank our India's PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji for taking this step practically forward. The US and Russia should not be selfish in selling their military equipment to develo

Religion or Science. Which is first?

I believe mankind was curious since the beginning and they consciously discovered Science from their experiences. Science was used by scholars in the land to come up with a Religion for All to live peacefully in their society. So, Religion is Science. Science never asks us to fight, nor Religion asks so. Let us stop fighting in the name of religion and live like Humans following Humanism. Our ancestors quoted GOD is One and Religions are different paths towards GOD, adding Religions are like our rivers which reach the Ocean (GOD). Read How GOD is One? and your mindset will be changed to start seeing GOD in All and Everywhere. " Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. " - Albert Einstein

Theory of Karma: Karma Theory Explained.

As a student, you have seen that some students do very well in class even when they don't study, while others struggle to maintain their good grades in spite of studying very hard. In the same way, you might have heard that for some people the money come easily, while others cannot even find a job. You might have also heard that some people stay sick all the time, while others never get sick. You might have heard someone live over a hundred years, while someone dies as a young child. Everybody is looking for an answer to this strange disparity. Some may say it is God's will, others may say it is his luck, and so on. Jainism says everything happens due to the result of our past doings. You reap what you sow and no God or someone else can make this happen or change. We and only we are the reason for our suffering or happiness. This can be explained by the theory of Karma. Therefore, it is very important that we understand this process very clearly. It also explains what karmas ar

Ways to serve the Lord: RNA is Soul. Let my RNA serve the world.

My intention was always to serve the public and give them back as much as I can. I was never selfish since my childhood days. During my traumatic days, I was constantly in search of The Truth. Later, I realized RNA is Soul which is the main program file in 'DNA' software. So, Soul RNA with other RNA strands can power every device and every living being where thinking process/ information processing is required. Analogy behind this conclusion: Soul cannot be destroyed. Template Method RNA cannot be destroyed. The soul is software. DNA is software made of RNA 'files'. Software, RNA or Soul cannot be pierced by a weapon, cannot be made wet with water, cannot be blown off by wind/air and cannot be burnt by fire. [Check Bhagavad Gita verses on Soul .] RNA reincarnates into several life forms because of the varying non-Soul RNA strands in the DNA that make up a living being like an animal, human, bird or a reptile. Creator must have used the Template Method design pattern w
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