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My fundamental beliefs.

Knowledge is Power in this Information Age, but don't forget Knowledge without morals is useless. Immoral people are bound to pay a heavy price in the Future. Trust is valuable than business. If you lose trust then you lose customers and your business will be lost. Always be strong in core fundamentals before being an expert. Never forget your roots and remember the entire world exists because of our ancestors. Don't preach but be a good example to others. Sharing knowledge is useful for refining knowledge. Time gone is time lost and no money on Earth can buy it, so enjoy every moment of it. Always perform your duty with the best of your abilities and leave the result to the Almighty. GOD created this Creation for us to enjoy so just surrender to Him by being grateful to Him every moment you are happy and remember Him when you are sad for He never leaves us. The world might be against me when I am righteous and the world is wrong but The Creators are with me because they know

Future of Software Development.

Information is like water. Everyone consumes water and Information because both are essential for life to survive. Water is supplied to households by water connections and Information via Internet connection. Server is like a water tank. Data center is like a dam. River is like a Cloud. Ocean is like The Internet. Why can't Software Development inspire from plumbing? Standards in Software are needed to make Software Plumbing easy and reliable. Just purchase the Software pipes, connect them and start consuming the Information just like water. 

My policy as an employer.

I will ensure my employees are treated with respect always and are happy working for me and our clients. My employees' problems are my problems because they are always busy solving my problems. My employees' family is part of my family because they are helping my family. My employees are stakeholders and shareholders in my business because my business is run by them but not just me. My current and ex-employee must be proud and grateful for working with me. My business is always open to suggestions and criticism because that makes my business more competitive. From a peon to the promoter of my business everyone is equal because we are Human first.

A game changer: Taking reuse by Indian IT firms to the next level.

Why is the Indian IT industry not reusing its software assets? Why can't Indian IT firms host Software as a Service in Cloud for Hotel Management, Hospital Management, Travel Management, etc and sell it to its Clients across the globe with Pay as you go option? A step ahead of current Cloud Hosting Services in the market. These SaaS can be developed and maintained periodically in partnership with their interested clients. The SaaS app should allow its clients to customize it according to their requirements through their Admin console. Move towards Applications as SaaS and mint money on top of Cloud. This SaaS must be a responsive rich web application to work on all devices and operating systems. Android and iOS Apps will fade away just like out-dated client-server applications on desktops. More reusability comes into play with this One Code; All Devices policy. This even saves costs of every stakeholder and it is environment-friendly too. I leave it to the reader to guess how this

National Songs.

I am Indian by birth. I love America by heart. I love Russians by heart. I never hated Pakistan.
Fallov “gani The Big Game Hunter