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Sanatana Dharma: Service to man is service to God.

All the non-Sanatana (non-Eternal) religions, namely, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and many others that exist today have a beginning in the history of mankind but it is only Sanatana Dharma which has no beginning. Now, the question is what is Sanatana Dharma or Eternal Religion. Before jumping into it, we have to know the meaning of Dharma (Religion). A search on Google for 'dharma meaning' shows: dharma ˈdɑːmə,ˈdəːmə/ noun (in Indian religion) the eternal law of the cosmos, inherent in the very nature of things. Going deeper into the discussion, we all know light and heat are the attributes of fire. Fire without light and heat doesn't exist. Light and heat are inherent in the very nature of fire. This is the dharma of fire. Now, what is the Sanatana Dharma of living beings? I will explain this below. Every animal or human serves one's master. There is no exception to this rule. It is the Almighty who created us to serve Him, in various forms, eternally. Just

Advice to Indian Youth (Fresh Graduates).

Dear Fresh Graduates, I hope you All enjoyed your days at college which is a must because those are some of the sweet memories one would carry until the end. There should be no regrets in what you did and learned at college. I assume you All fall within the age group of 21-25. After college, most of you are free to go chase your dreams!! Just look at whether your dreams fit in below criteria to keep you happy: Enjoy life sensibly. This is the first criteria to keep you happy for the rest of your life. Coming to the point, one has to enjoy one's work and balance personal life while having fun responsibly. So, how does one enjoy one's work? The answer lies in choosing what your heart/ mind craves deep within the inside. For example, if you hate the monotonous kind of work and love challenges, then choose an onsite/ field career which pumps your adrenaline every day like Police, Law Enforcement, Power, R&D, etc. If you love interacting with the public and helping people, then

Is IT industry doomed with the advent of AI chips?

I have no idea about the future of the IT industry in general, but I see there will be no need for Humans in the IT industry within two years from now. I love to share these thought-provoking news articles below. Nervana, Industry's First Neural Network Processor. Why Facebook wants to design its own AI chips?
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