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Theory of Karma: Karma Theory Explained.

As a student, you have seen that some students do very well in class even when they don't study, while others struggle to maintain their good grades in spite of studying very hard. In the same way, you might have heard that for some people the money come easily, while others cannot even find a job. You might have also heard that some people stay sick all the time, while others never get sick. You might have heard someone live over a hundred years, while someone dies as a young child. Everybody is looking for an answer to this strange disparity. Some may say it is God's will, others may say it is his luck, and so on. Jainism says everything happens due to the result of our past doings. You reap what you sow and no God or someone else can make this happen or change. We and only we are the reason for our suffering or happiness. This can be explained by the theory of Karma. Therefore, it is very important that we understand this process very clearly. It also explains what karmas ar

Ways to serve the Lord: RNA is Soul. Let my RNA serve the world.

My intention was always to serve the public and give them back as much as I can. I was never selfish since my childhood days. During my traumatic days, I was constantly in search of The Truth. Later, I realized RNA is Soul which is the main program file in 'DNA' software. So, Soul RNA with other RNA strands can power every device and every living being where thinking process/ information processing is required. Analogy behind this conclusion: Soul cannot be destroyed. Template Method RNA cannot be destroyed. The soul is software. DNA is software made of RNA 'files'. Software, RNA or Soul cannot be pierced by a weapon, cannot be made wet with water, cannot be blown off by wind/air and cannot be burnt by fire. [Check Bhagavad Gita verses on Soul .] RNA reincarnates into several life forms because of the varying non-Soul RNA strands in the DNA that make up a living being like an animal, human, bird or a reptile. Creator must have used the Template Method design pattern w
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