1999's history is being repeated in The US after 20 years.

42nd POTUS

There are very interesting dissimilarities between The US and India. Let me list them below-
  1. The US achieved freedom by fighting with valor 200+ years back whereas India achieved freedom by non-violence movement after suffering for 400+ years under British rule.
  2. India had its own culture and traditions which go back in time Before Christ and was very advanced then. The US had Red Indians when Colombus discovered and they are all extinct now.
  3. Indians still survived and are slowly adopting Western culture. The US is actually a land of immigrants and that is the reason they prospered.
  4. A lot of Indians migrated to many foreign countries. Americans rarely migrate to foreign countries.
  5. The US is a developed Nation. India is a developing Nation.
  6. In India, a celebrity can evade the law in spite of doing an offense, fraud, crime or any illegal activity. In the US it is just the opposite. Got me! In India, an ordinary person will be fined if s/he violates the law and a celebrity is excused even for bigger scams. It takes decades to bring celebrities to Justice in India because celebrities are considered as super-humans by an ordinary Indian. In the US it is the other way round. A POTUS has no right to live like an ordinary American Citizen but must control all his emotions like a saint. A POTUS has to be wary of media and has to behave in spite of being trolled by fellow Americans.
  7. POTUS always tries to make America great again but Americans want to make POTUS bad again. Impeachment drama happened in 1999 and now again it is being repeated in 2019. Unfortunately, POTUS couldn't veto the Impeachment ;) Nobody understands how hurting would be when a patriot like POTUS is being insulted by his ungrateful Americans just because he has become POTUS. In India, it is just the opposite. In India politicians in power get away with any scam during their rule. Democracy is for demons.


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