Importance of Teachers.

Guru Dakshinamurthy.

I heard this from Shri Chaganti Koteswara Rao Garu on TV. He said 'If GOD gets angry with you then a Teacher can save you, but if the Teacher gets angry with you not even GOD can save you.' Got me! Every teacher wants his/her student to rise above him. A teacher is sometimes more than one's parents so keep this in mind always for s/he teaches you so many lessons for you to live a better life. If one prostrates before a teacher wholeheartedly s/he will be blessed with the knowledge of the teacher. I experienced this myself when I emailed my prostrations to USN Murthy. I strongly believe a true teacher has no bias for his students for s/he loves all her/his students equally.

I have no caste feeling or regional feeling. All I want from Indians is to forget about caste, religion or region and live like Humans. GOD bless All.

BTW, only a good student can become a good teacher. Thank you, my Gurus!!!

A ruler is respected only in his kingdom but a knowledgeable person will be respected everywhere.


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